Kenwood AWAT320A Multi Mill Attachment

  • text_manufacturer Kenwood
  • text_model Kenwood AT320A Multi Mill Attachment
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The Multi-Mill is the perfect multi-task attachment for all awkward or time-consuming food preparation processes. It will chop or grind hard items such as spices, and the sharp blades make it the perfect mini chopper and blender. Ideal for chopping, milling, grinding and blending small quantities such as baby food, spices, coffee, herbs, pesto sauce, salad dressings and nuts.

For coffee, grind only what you need to make a fresh cup, to different grades of coarseness - fine for filter machines or medium ground for cafetières, percolators and jugs.

The Multi-Mill comes complete with a set of four glass storage jars with lids, so after processing you can store ground up ingredients in the jars until you need them.
Genuine kenwood attachment


  • Type: AT320 / AT320A / AT320B
  • Includes Four glass storage jars with lids
  • Capacity: Herbs - 10/15g; Coffee Beans - 50/60g
  • High speed outlet
  • Sharp, stainless steel blades, removable for easy cleaning
  • Interlocked for safety


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