Kenwood AWAT340 High Speed Slicer/Shredder

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  • text_model Kenwood AT340 High Speed Slicer/Shredder
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The Pro Slicer and Shredder makes light work of preparing many raw ingredients, especially vegetables and salad ingredients. Use this attachment to slice and shred such food as carrot, cucumber, cheese, potato, cabbage, nuts & chocolate.

It consists of a flat disc which rotates and quickly slices or shreds food in uniform sizes. The ability to feed ingredients continuously into the Cooking Chef means it’s perfect for preparing and processing large quantities of food. 
Genuine kenwood attachment

Kenwood spares available

  • Type: AT340
  • Includes 7 stainless steel plates: standard chip, fine chip, extra fine shredding, fine shredding, coarse shredding, course slicing and fine slicing
  • Disc 1 - Extra Fine shredding: This has a 'rasping’ action that gives a very fine shred. It’s ideal for grating hard cheese such as Parmesan, as well as chocolate and nuts
  • Disc 2 - Fine Shredding: The fine shredder is also suitable for hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, and also firm fruit & vegetables
  • Disc 3 - Coarse Shredding: For firm fruit or vegetables, and especially good for cheese, carrots for salad and coleslaw, apples, courgettes and raw potatoes for rösti
  • Disc 4 - Thin Slicer: The thin slicer will produce cheese slices and is useful for potatoes or parsnips to make crisps, and for thinly sliced onions & cucumber
  • Disc 5 - Thick Slicer: Perfect for slicing beetroot, carrots, cabbage, carrots, courgette, leeks, onions, peppers and potatoes as well as cheese and apples, bananas and pears
  • Disc 6 - Thin/Julienner Style Chipper: The thin chipper disc cuts thin ‘Julienne style’ stick shapes. As well as producing super thin French fries, you can prepare thin sticks of carrots or courgettes for a stir-fry or cucumber or celeriac for salads and dips
  • Disc 7 - Standard Chipper: This disc cuts potatoes for thin French fries and ingredients for casseroles and dips, such as cucumbers, apples and pears
  • High speed outlet
  • Capacity: Continuous
  • Extension chute for directing food into the bowl
  • Quickly slices or shreds food in uniform sizes
  • Interlocked for safety
  • Size: 22H x 17.5W x 20.5D; Extention Chute 15H x 10W x 4.5D (cm)
  • Weight: 3.0 (Kg)


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