Kenwood AWAT950A Mincer Attachment

Kenwood AWAT950A Mincer Attachment
  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Product Code: AWAT950
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €69.95

Get creative in the kitchen with this mincer attachment from Kenwood. It's perfect for mincing meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit, and comes complete with 3 screens (coarse, medium and fine) as well as additional accessories - sausage adaptor for thick or thin sausages and Kebbe maker for traditional kebbe making.

The Kenwood Chef and Major can be customised by adding any of the optional attachments to suit different tastes and skill levels. Kenwood Chef & Major attachments have been developed to deliver good, consistent results time after time.Fits a901a902a904akm200 km210 km300km330 km331 km336 km600 km230 km800 pm900 kmm010 km001 kmc010 kmc020

Genuine kenwood attachment

Kenwood spares available

  • Type: A950 / A950A / AT950A / AT950B
  • PLEASE NOTE:This Attachment does not fit the A701/A701A Series
  • Strong metal scroll for effortless mincing performance
  • Three stainless steel screens (3, 4.5 and 8mm)
  • High quality carbon steel cutter
  • Easy clean, tough and durable metal food hopper
  • Food tray/cover doubles as a hopper cover for storage
  • Hygienic plastic pusher with convenient storage facility
  • Plastic ring spanner for easy removal of ring nut
  • No.8 mincer for quality volume processing
  • Slow speed outlet
  • Please note:The sausage adaptor and kebbe maker are stored inside the pusher

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