Magimix 2mm Grating Disc 3200xl, 4200xl, 5200xl

Magimix 2mm Grating Disc 3200xl, 4200xl, 5200xl
  • Brand: Magimix
  • Product Code: 17366
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2mm grater disc. Is ideal for fine grating. for cheese, carrots, beetroot, chocolate and all other vegetable preparation.


3 year parts guaranteeThis product has a Magimix Three year guarantee 

Magimix 17366 The fine grater is ideal for cheese, carrots and chocolate and other small shredded foods. This disc originally comes with the Magimix XL food processor machines. Magimix 3200xl 5200 xl, 4200xl, Magimix Patissier models only 

Very important information - This disc is for Magimix models  3150, 3200, 3200xl, 4150 4200 4200xl, 5150, 5200, 5200xl and Magimix Patisser.

But can be used for models Compact 2100, 3100, Cuisine Systeme 3000, 4000, 4100, 5000, 5100 and le duo Salad kit, but You MUSTbuy additional part 100185

Magimix 2mm Gratermagimix spares from BBS ltd

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