Kenwood stainless steel whisk for Kenwood Major Balloon Whisk

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Genuine replacement whisk assembly for your Kenwood electric whisk.


  • KENWOOD  Major models: A907, A907D, KM230, KM250 and all other KM Major models.
  • A907, A907D
  • KM020, KM021, KM023, KM040, KM070
  • KM005, KM006, KM007
  • KM230, KM250
  • KM506
  • KM600, KM610, KM615, KM630, KM631, KM635, KM636, KM640, KM646
  • KM800, KM810, KM816, KM840
  • KMM020, KMM023, KMM025, KMM060, KMM063, KMM065, KMM075, KMM700, KMM705, KMM710, KMM750, KMM760, KMM770
  • KMP04, KMP770
  • KLV4100S, KLV4100W, KLV4110S, KLV4120S, KLV4140S, KLV4154S, KLV4170S, KLV4170W, KLV4180S, KLV4220S, KLV4230S
  • KLV6000T, KVL6010T, KLV6020T, KLV6030T, KLV6040T, KLV6050T, KLV6100B, KLV6100G, KLV6100P, KLV6100S, KLV6100T, KLV6100Y, KLV6120T, KLV6140T, KLV6170S, KLV6300S, KLV6320S, KLV6324S, KLV6330S, KLV6350S, KLV6370S, KLV6410S, KLV6420S
  • KLV8300S, KLV8320S, KLV8350S, KLV8361S, KLV8430S, KLV8460S, KLV8470S, KLV8472S
  • PM500, PM90
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