Kenwood Chef All models KM200, KM300 KVC Series Genuine Balloon Whisk

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Replacement Kenwood stainless steel non-stick Balloon Whisk for your Kitchen Machine.

Fits Models: KM200, KM201, KM210, KM220, KM290, KM300, KM310, KM315, KM316, KM330, KM331, KM335, KM336, KM337, KM340, KM346, KM400, KM410, KM416, KM417, KM440, KM460, KM500, KM502, KM010, KM011, KM013, KM030, KM001, KM002, KM003, KMP03 a701 a901 a902 a904 

Brand new genuine replacement spare balloon whisk for your Kenwood kitchen machine. The balloon shape of the whisk is perfect at providing maximum volume. It mixes air into your mixture to give a light and fluffy texture – ideal for mousses, soufflés, meringues and cheesecakes.Ideal for mixing together dry ingredients like flour, salt, and baking soda, It distributes and helps break up any large bits, often removing the need for sifting due to its nine sturdy, flexible wires.

Product Features: Can be used on both the old circlip style or new bayonet style planet hubs, 9 Sturdy flexible wires

Width: 100mm — Length: 180mm — Whisk Length: 110mm — Whisk Guard Diameter: 80mm — Spindle Length: 50mm — *All measurements are approximate*

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