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Sabatier stainless steel blade for mixing. Simple design just press pulse button to chop or press on to puree liquidise or mincing. 3 year guarantee, Magimix 5000 also

 3 year parts guaranteeThis product has a Magimix Three year guarantee for domestic use

The Magimix 17512 Main blade is for magimix 5100 model only, this is the Main s blade for mixing cakes, chopping meat or fish, liquidising soups, purees, pancake batter, Blending milkshakes and cocktails, crushing ice plus many other jobs. tip: when making cakes remember to take pusher out of feed tube, so as to let air into mixture. Please check model before ordering. Please check if worn insideif looking into middle hole there should be two flat sides, if this is just round you will also need to replace the Spindle cover as well, or this could result in damage to the replacement blade, blades can be damaged by overloading or overprocessing. blades can be damaged by overloading or overprocessing.Please follow Magimix recipe quantities and manufacturers instructions. If there isdiscolouring of the plastic on the main blade, This will occur when blending carrots and other foods with very deep colouring, simply wipe plastic with some vegetable oil. This will take off most of the colouring. These Blades can be sharpened, but you must only take the burrs off the bottom edge, this can be done with a sharpening stone, you must keep the blade flat on the stone, do sharpen at an angle.

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